1. T

    Front Bimini storage -Sea Doo Islandia

    Hi all Trying to figure out how the front Bimini is stored when the cover is on. If I remove the front posts from the boat holders, fold them in and then pivot the back ones so the whole Bimini lays down toward the front, it is not a nice fit and crushes into the navigation lights- seems like...
  2. T

    96 Challenger - need opinions on options for Bimini top

    Hi, I'm really hoping someone on here can help!! After two years or so of tinkering with everything in my boat, I have nearly got my 96 Challenger to where I want it (running semi-reliably and looking nice!). I am now looking to get a bimini for it. It has pretty obviously had one at some...
  3. L

    2006 Speedster Wake 200 - Bimini operation?!

    Hi - new to the forum and the boat... only had it for a few weeks. It is the speedster wake 200 with factory tower. I'm having trouble folding up the bimini top with out unscrewing it from the sides. The speakers are in the way.... is there a way to fold up without taking the screws out...
  4. wlester

    Bimini top repair - HELP!

    Last year I had brought my 2004 SeaDoo 4-TEC in to be winterized for storage. When I stopped by a gas station to fill it up, when I rolled the boat cover back, I noticed that the bimini top leg mount had come out of the aluminum leg. This is the plastic mount that is attached to the boat on the...
  5. xintersecty

    2006 Challenger Bimini top

    I just got a used 2006 Challenger (non-tower version) and I have a question(s) about the Bimini. For some reason it does feel right. I am sorry I don't have a picture yet. I am looking for advice or pictures of what a properly deployed Bimini Top should look like. When I deploy the Bimini...
  6. ranchand

    Islandia Wakeboard Tower?

    Hey Guys, I'm planning to install a wakeboard tower on my 03 Islandia. I'm having trouble finding examples of other islandias with towers. Do any of you have towers on yours. At this point I'm looking at the BigAir Vapor. My main concern is compatibility with the factory bimini. I would really...
  7. C

    Bimini Top Repair

    hello, have a challenger 2000 with a factory Bimini top. One of the internal style ends has come out of the centeral support rod. I have tried just about every way to get it to go back in. It just wont do it. Will I have to replace the entire frame assembly? Yes i have a 240EFI boat, but...
  8. Weicht

    Help/Advice on bimini top

    Any help on what I should get for the following specs... I have a 1995 Seadoo Speedster and want a Bimini top that: - will fold down and fit under a cover while trailering - has short rear brackets like the one DrHonda has on this forum
  9. F

    Miami to Bimini Bahamas on Sea Doos - Mission Complete