1. X

    FOR SALE Wanted 947/951 DI Engine

    Good Morning, we purchased a Ski this year without an engine as a project. Does anyone have a 947/951 DI Engine for sale, or can recommend a place where one can be purchased? We are located in the UK. Has anyone used MINOTEK engines from Indonesia before? TIA
  2. 94samson

    2001 RXDI motor question

    Picked up a 2001 RXDI a while back and time to start working on it. The mag cylinder had no compression. Here is a couple pictures of piston: Looks like the RAVE valve fell and hit piston, do any of you see other concerns? Have been looking into prices for repairing motor. Not sure of best...
  3. R

    2000 RX DI 951 MPEM Problems

    Hey all! To start off, I bought this blown up jet ski from a good friend of mine. As it looks to me, it was rebuilt previously, had .25 pistons in it, and the rave valve caught the piston ring. Anyways, I had Full Bore clean up the cylinders (did an awesome job!), and I cleaned and rebuilt...
  4. Andrew gti130

    98 xp oil light

    Hey I'm working on a mates 98 xp engine type 947 and just came across something I'm not to sure about. The oil light just came on but it the ski runs pre mix. He bought the ski off a guy that gave him no info about the ski. It still has the oil tank in the front with the sensor still...
  5. R

    98 XP 947 getting water in cylinders while not running.

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on this forum, I have been looking for answers for a week and still havent found anything to solve my problem, maybe someone hear can help. I have a 98 Seadoo XP LTD with the 947 model engine. I just bought it from my Bro a few weeks ago, he was the second...
  6. T

    2003 sportster le won't start

    I have a 2003 seadoo sportster le 2 stroke, up until a few months ago the boat ran great! Then a few months ago I went to start the boat and it wouldn't do anything. I had a seadoo mechanic from a local shop coming to my house and doing work on the side and he checked everything out then pulled...
  7. B

    2000 GTX ME (carbs) 5000 RPM Max

    I have a 2000 GTX Millennium Edition (Model #5545) with Rotax 947 (carburetors). In June, my son left the drain plugs out and flooded the compartment which stalled the engine. We immediately put it on the lift, drained the compartment, pulled the plugs and turned it over a couple times. Did...
  8. S

    2000 GTX w/a 951 worth saving? HELP!

    Hey guys, I recently bought my first ski (two weeks ago) from a cycle dealer in so. fl. I'm sure it was as is... I'll have to look at the paperwork:-/ Anyway they told me the compression was good (140/135) and the ski would run with carb clean sprayed and there was an oil leak. Probaby just...
  9. B

    2000 rx-di 947

    I'm new to Seadoos but been boating my whole life. I just recently purchased a 2k RX-DI 947 Millenium Edition. The ski is in excellent mechanical condition and runs well but when cruising between 20-30 MPH, the engine bogs down when trying to accelerate. No acceleration problems while idling...
  10. Double07

    Please HELP! -- 98 seadoo gtx ltd motor rebuild

    Hello everyone. Frustrated newbie here. I recently purchased a 98 gtx limited, took it out to the lake first time, and it ran ok at low speed but died at high speed after a few mins. I took it to the shop for a tune-up, and went back days later, but it happened again. I found out about the...