1997 gtx

  1. docbda

    97 GTX with injector oil leak (not reservoir or grommet)

    All my injector oil leaked out over the winter. After removing the oil from the bilge and refilling the reservoir with oil, I I pulled the reservoir tank and it was fine (seam that has the reputation for failing was in tact, and oil continuing to leak with oil level below the seam). Reservoir...
  2. J

    1997 seadoo gtx electrical problem

    Hey guys need help befor I call in the mechanic I have a 1997 seadoo gtx iam haveing some electrical problems or something so I put in a fresh battery and it dose not beep wen I sick the key on it says battery low It says gas is low then its starts and then I drive it for 5 minutes it shuts off...
  3. N

    Options to mount wakeboard on jet ski

    So I've seen Sea Doo offer wake board racks for the newer jet ski models but I own a 1997 GTX 3 seater and a 2000 RX two seater ski, can anyone recommend any aftermarket products that will accommodate either of the skis? I just got a wakeboard and Im excited to start. Thank you, Dean
  4. D

    97 GTX - Blown MPEM - How do I winterize it?

    Newbie here...I have a 1997 GTX with a 878 motor. I blew the MPEM late in the Summer and I need to get it winterized. Anybody have thoughts on how to accomplish this? It's getting cold in Michigan and I need to get this done soon! Thanks in advance for any assistance/advice.
  5. R

    1997 GTX flooding and fouling plugs after semi overhaul and carb rebuild.

    Please help... SeaDoo newbie....my first ski.... That I turned into project seadoo. I scored a rough running 97 gtx with 132 hours in great condition, trailer and seadoo cover for $500. Found this awesome forum, read up up on all the common issues with this ski and did some key thing...
  6. R

    steady miss between 3500 and 4000 rpm

    Just got to take my 1997 gtx out for the first time in 5 weeks. My last post helped out so much. Ski is running soooo much better now and so much faster with a clean fuel system and new fuel lines(thanks to Dr Honda and seadoolou). Before top speed was 46 and took a while to get there, now BAM...
  7. A

    1997 GTX Differernt Compression Readings 150 vs 180

    I have a 97 GTX in the shop to replace fuel lines but before the guy got started he check compression and found that one cylinder read about 150 while the other was very high at 180. What could cause this? Is it bad? The PWC has not been used yet this season. Any suggestions? The guy is...