1. Setbrew45

    2008 215hp supercharger failure

    Just bought this boat on Sunday, took it out on Tuesday (yesterday) and immediately realized something was definitely wrong. The boat was making some awful grinding noises coming from The engine so I put it back on the trailer brought it home and pulled the SC off. It was missing both of the...
  2. bradmagnus

    Speedster Ladder Pin

    Hi I'm a brand new Speedster owner and new boat owner too, but today out on the lake the pin that holds the ladder in (when the ladder is deployed) came loose and was lost. From the seadoopartshouse website, I don't see that the pin is available for sale. And I don't see if parts 5 and 6 are...
  3. Captain Chet

    Speedster Sporster hu? Is a 150 something.

    OK, I've been looking at one of these in and I keep seeing them referred to by either Speedster or Sporster 150 (15ft boat) As far as I can tell, they are the same boat. Seating seems exactly the same, the HP offered is the same three options so perhaps someone can help me out and explain...
  4. S

    New to Sea Doo

    Good morning, I'm a long time boater In Pasco WA. I just sold my 30ft Sea Ray, now I plan on downsizing to a 2012, 150 Speedster with the 255hp engine and a wake tower. I can't find one! So hopefully I'll find one in time for spring and be able to participate in this forum. Any thoughts on a...
  5. W

    Seadoo Sportster 150 155hp Jet Boat Mint - $6,800 in Wisconsin

    2005 Seadoo Sportster 150 155hp Jet Boat Mint - $6,800 in Wisconsin - SOLD 15’ 2005 Seadoo Sportster 150 w 4-TEC 155 hp Jet Boat, a steal for $6,800 firm just in time for Labor Day Weekend. This is an immaculate 2005 Seadoo Sportster that has less than 85 hours on it. I am the second owner...
  6. C

    Lake Permits and Proving Your HP

    One of my local lakes has a HP limit of 190. I just bought a 150 Speedster, 155HP. The decals on the boat says 155HP, but you can buy decals that say whatever you want. I was almost turned down for a permit at my closest lake, but luckily the guy took my word for it. I'm now concerned...
  7. N

    2008 Seadoo GTI 130. How to get 155 HP?

    I got the GTI 130 and from what i can tell it has the same engine as the GTI 155. How can i get that extra 25 HP out of the 130? Any info would be great. Thanks