why extra pieces in Mikuni carb kit?

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Hey, so I ordered a new genuine Mikuni carb kit for my 1997 sea-doo gsi. I noticed by the pic of the kit that it comes with extra gaskets that were never in the carb before and also has double of the exact same gaskets for a couple of the items? Why is that?


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I believe there’s extra cause they send u two full pto carb sets(or magnito not positive which is the one that uses more than the other) and the other carb doesn’t use all the gaskets
No, they may have just been used on a bike or lawnmower, or something of that sort, so they get put in the rebuild kits...
The Yamaha Mikuni's used the other gaskets that the Seadoo's don't so instead of making two different kits Mikuni just makes one with both sets of gaskets.
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