FOR SALE WANT TO BUY - 95 SeaDoo HX Rear Stabilizing Platform


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After taking my 1995 SeaDoo HX out for the first time, and thinking about other friends wanting to ride it, I am Interested in buying a rear stabilizer platform for it. I have been looking around and cannot seem to find anything. Does anyone know where I should be looking for something like this? I have attached an image of what I am looking for, but if there is something else that does the same thing I would be interested in that too.

Thanks in advance!


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Good luck, they were hard to get even new. Even with them there really isn't any way to make an HX easy to ride especially for beginners that are not very athletic. The HX was basically for racing and is not an easy beginner ski but very fun once you master it.
I found one within a day of posting the ad! It definitely helps a ton. much easier to taxi in no-wake zones and get up in deep water.