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I just bought a 94 Seadoo SPX,and first thing i noticed is, it is going to need new pistons. So i have already bought pistons but the pistons I bought have ONE piston ring on them but the OEM pistons have Two rings on them, Will this effect anything?

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Well that’s a piston kit for a Kawasaki piston port 550 so no, those will absolutely not work in a Seadoo.
You need to have the cylinders bored by a qualified machine shop one oversized pistons fitted. You can’t just slap in new pistons.
Also give us a chance to answer your questions in your thread instead of posting the same question in a bunch of other threads.
The site gives the correct Bore Diameter,I'll wait for it to come and see if it is correct maybe they just don't update their pictures.
It’s a really sketchy description and only appears to be 1 piston. It doesn’t list the brand or what’s included then starts talking about banshees.
Also do you know where i can find Bolts for the Head on the Jet Ski because I got it with the block and head taken apart. One more thing is my 94 SXP a 4-Stroke or a 2-Stroke?
Just noticed that those are 78.75mm and your 580 bore is 76mm so absolutely no way those will work.
You need to have a machine shop check the cylinders, you can’t just start ordering random pistons.
Westside Powersports Seadoo can supply bolts and other parts you might need.
Like I said, you can't just slap in a new piston. You need to take the cylinders into a machine shop and have them measured to see if they are within spec and if not they have to be bored oversized.

You will gain nothing by just installing standard sized pistons if your cylinders are damaged or worn.
Im sorry for being so dumb,but i just checked my title for the Jet ski it turns out i have a 96 Sxp and I've been researching wrong info, can i get informed about my jet ski what motor is it or the specifications?
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