Seadoo Speedster Wake 430 Codes P0600 and P0604 Port engine stalling out sporadically

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I have 2007 Speedster Wake 430. Twin 215's. The Port side engine is shutting down here and there when idleing. The starboard engine seems all good. The port engine will start back up sometimes but the rpm guage will not show any RPM's while the engine is running and then after about 30 seconds the engine will die. Very strange. I have the CANDoo pro and scanned both before I went to water and cleared all faults. When I got to the water, i let both engines idle for at least 10 minutes and then ran them hard for 10 minutes. When I got back to dock and was ready to load them. I turned the boat off for a few minutes, then i started the port engine 1st, then started the starboard engine, while starting the starboard engine, its like it killed the port engine. So now the starboard engine is idleing and i started the port engine and it started, but not showing any RPM's and it finally died. Got the boat loaded and home. Put the CANDoo on port engine and got codes P0600 and P0604. On starboard engine i just got P0600. Please let me know if yall think I have a battery problem possibly or am I dealing with a possible bad ECU or VCU? I replaced the ECU on the starboard engine a few months ago so I know that ones good.
P0604 is "Faulty RAM" code. P0600 has to do with bad connection between ECM and some other plugged in "peripheral". I'd double check as many cable connections as you can for the P0600 code.

For the P0604, I found this on GreenHulk:

Anytime I get a cryptic error as "faulty ram"...I head to this site to help guide me in a right direction (OBD can share)

P0604 - Internal Control Module Random Access Memory Error

So from easiest to hardest:
1) check main terminals (I'm sure that was done)
2) swap to known good battery (I'm sure that was done)
3) swap main ground & power (6g) cables
4) trace/bypass power/gnd to ecu (or swap harness)
5) swap ecu
Took the Boat out today for some testing, I swapped the Siemens ECU’s on the motors, the problem did not follow the ECU, so I don’t have a bad ECU. So then I swapped the VCM’s or MPEM’s whatever you call them, there right in front of each engine next to solenoid. Same thing, the problem stayed at the port side engine. When I 1st got to the lake, both engines idled for about 5 min, then port side died. Fired right back up by pulling DESS and reinstalling. Died again quickly. That’s when I swapped the VCM’s and it both engines ran strong for 15 min, then the port side died again. Pulled DESS and fires right up. Checked the CANDOO Pro and have no faults. I replaced Battery, brought a temp Gun with me and checked temps on exhaust etc, everything is good, I installed a voltmeter on dash’s and watch it close, charging system is In perfect working order. Any ideas what to test or replace?
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