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Seadoo GTX 260 2015 Rebuild engine help


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seadoo GTX 260 2015
I see that you are a full bottle on seadoos so I hope you can give me some advice, I bought the GTX 260 2015 at an auction (a Repo) if is in good con but the motor is in bits and the crank case & ECM are missing
I can get an aftermarket crank case (new) from USA for about the same price as a S/H in Australia what do you think about aftermarket crank cases. I have been told not to use aftermarket cranks etc but I am think that a crank case should be ok
I also need oversize big end bearings as one of the cranks shaft journals has a small nick which I want to get ground out but Seadoo have told me I can not buy oversize bearings is this true.?
I am think about buying a wake pro 2009 ski from an auction and using the crank case and crank out of that ski
Are all 2009 wake pro 215 or 255 motors or do some have 155hp because the guy at the auction dose not know what size motor is in the ski
And last will the 2009 ECM fit my 2015 260 motor
I need lots more info but this will get me started I have rebuilt car motors before but I know very little about Jet ski
thanks for your help

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