Seadoo Anti Flouling

My 1997 Seadoo Speedster comes with this anti fouling device that you pull a handle to operate. That handle is frozen likely a cable issue? I've been told that the device doesn't work well to clear a fouling and it's not worth repairing. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Mike / Daytona
Sounds like it works as planned to me. I wouldn't waste the time. I've owned my boat since 99. I tried it a few times, never worked for me.


New Member
I personally like everything to work as it did when new, but probably wouldn't worry about repairing the weedless grates unless you can find replacement cables cheap or boat in an area where weeds are a big problem
I boat on the St. Johns river in Florida and go up into the springs. The springs are very grassy and fouling really can't be avoided. I find myself under the boat clearing debris more often then I prefer. Oh well I guess that jet boating. Thanks for all the input.