SBT Short Block Engines

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We bought an 08' RXT 215 with a blown rod, so we chose to buy a short block from SBT.

Just curious what people's experiences are with SBT? It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Thanks for any input.
I got a 951 from sbt no issues...Even had to order a counter balance shaft and they verified i knew this was for a 787 engine...If your looking for a motor quick then that's the best bet just make sure you figure out why it blew up and fix it...its a no fault warranty so if you ski blows it up its on you not them
So I am kind of in the same situation. I have a 2006 GTX SC 4-Tec 185hp with about 138hrs on the machine. I have owned it 4yrs since 60hrs. I had the SC rebuilt professionally and removed/installed myself. Been a great sled, but on Labor Day hot doggin around it just stopped cold. Had just changed the oil day before, all fluids were good. After closer look found out I threw a rod through the side of the case near the starter. I doubt it was the SC, but what should I look for that could have caused the failure so I do not swap out any of my old parts on a LB or SB that might risk future failures?
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