Rave valve has thick black gewy build up on it Please help!!!

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Tyson Ledford

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I have been looking up rave valve cleaning and everyone i have seen is a has a normal exhaust carbon build up. when i pulled mine out they were wet and gewy any ideas?
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What year and model Seadoo do you have? How long has it been since you cleaned your rave valves? Try cleaning your rave valves and replace all bad parts, especially the base gasket and "O" rings.

Also please put your year and model Seadoo and location in your profile, it will help us help you.

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I think you must be running reasonably good oil, I'd rather find thick goo than abrasive carbon let behind by decomposed oil.

Thus seems normal to me and preferable (IMO) to dry gritty abrasive carbon actually. I find I must clean my RAVEs at least once per season and often twice, this is a 951 carbureted motor that sees between 1~2 hours per weekend during the season, not what I would call heavy use.

Or it might be possible you're running a castor bean oil, in which case stop doing that. I doubt this though, castor doesn't work at the higher injection ratios we're running.
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No...typically they get gummed up when you are not using oil specifically for Rave valve motors like Amsoil interceptor.

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