New to forum and new to my 2002 GTX Limited 4TEC

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Greetings! I am the proud new owner of a 2002 GTX 4TEC Limited. I bought it with only 150 hours on it. I did get to lake test it, and it seemed to idle a bit rough, but I figured it was due having old gas in it from last season. Up at speed, it sounded fine. The speedometer didn't work, but everything else seemed to be almost like new and in really great shape.

After reading alot of threads, I realized that I'm not getting what should be max RPM out of it. I'm only getting about 6350, on both tach and digital. Max speed on smooth water, as checked on a GPS, is only about 41mph.

I was told it last had a tune up 2 years ago, but has only been operated about an hour since then. I don't think it's had any extensive rebuild work done to it, and I bought it from the original owner, a nice older lady, probably in her 70's now.

I've run about 20 gallons of gas through it, so I'd imagine most of the old gas has been used up, but it's not changed the performance any.

I was thinking about doing a fresh tune up and going from there.

Any idea what I may be getting myself into?

Thank you!
Thank you Sir. Yesterday it died at idle. Had the mechanic out today, hooked buds up to it, all looked fine with the stuff they test on it, plus looked good, ignition all firing etc... But he found an exhaust gas leak that he thinks is causing the problem. I could feel the exhaust leaking, and I can see how if the compartment was filling up with CO that would affect performance. We'll see if that fixes it!
Quick update, the new J pipe fixed the problem. Much more quiet and getting 7300 rpm WOT vs 6300 rpm. Now I think I've got a worn wear ring to contend with. Oh well, joys of a new used ski.
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