Need buying advice on 92 SP and 93 XP

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I have someone willing to sell me a 93 XP (running as they claim) and a 92 SP (Not running but probably a starter relay) on a double trailer that appears to be in decent shape. They want $900 for them which seems like a good price to me. The paint and decals on the SP are spectacular for its age but the XP is rather faded and might I say quite unattractive. Would probably paint the bottom somehow... bedliner? Just wondering if y’all thought this is a good purchase. This is my first post btw.
Welcome! It sounds like a good deal, especially if the trailer is in decent shape. Just the double trailer is worth what you’re paying. Be prepared to put some work in on both skis though! You’ll want to do quite a bit of preliminary maintenance, even on the ski that’s “running.” At the very least, plan on doing carb rebuilds and fuel line replacement, in addition to the general pre-season checks that should be done.

As for the paint, you can probably bring the hull back to life with just wet sanding and polishing. The gelcoat on these skis is pretty resilient, and can pretty much be brought back as long as there aren’t any toughest that got into the fiberglass itself.
Thank you! What is a good carb rebuild kit or is there a difference? Also are there good fuel lines as well as bad ones? Also, the hull color is in good shape as far as quality it’s the color that’s getting me...
Only buy genuine Mikuni rebuild kits with new needles and seats. Anything else is a waste of time and money. I buy mine from OSD in their “Back to OEM” kits.

As far as changing the color, you’d really have to repaint it with new gelcoat to get anything to last. I’d stick with what’s there!
Is there a reason for that? I looked on eBay, Amazon, and even some marine websites and there seemed to be some of around the same quality with good reviews for MUCH cheaper (they don’t come with needles and seats) I did however find a dual carb rebuild with needles and seats on eBay for $65... Is it junk or just not good quality? What makes it not a good buy? Just trying to figure out my options as these are my first skis.
Also, how expensive would it be to repaint the hull (doing it myself) just a plain white or black color?
The aftermarket carb kits use a different type of rubber for the diaphragms inside the carbs, and other materials of questionable quality. Once you rebuild one with those parts, the settings will never be quite the same as stock, and you’ll wind up chasing either a lean hesitation or a rich bog. It’s usually on the lean side, and I’d venture to guess that aftermarket carb kits fry as many pistons in these things as general lack of maintenance does. Trust me, save yourself the headache and just buy the OEM kit to start with! If you hang around the forum for a few more weeks you’ll see literally dozens of threads pop up with people having bog or hesitation issues, and more often than not, they can be traced back to EBay, Amazon, or SBT carb kits.

Im not sure what it would cost to paint the hull yourself. The gelcoat isn’t cheap, but if you don’t already have a good compressor and spray gun, you’ll spend much more on equipment than you will on paint. Search the forum and you’ll find a few people that have done color changes, but that’s generally beyond what your average recreational rider is going to do in the garage.
Okay thanks! Not real up to speed on small engine mechanics but how important is it that I replace the needle and seat?
It depends on the condition yours are in. I’d buy them and swap them now though, just so you don’t have to open the carb back up later and risk having to buy gaskets again. Plus, you know you’re starting completely fresh then! These skis are pretty simple and reliable once you get the carbs sorted out. Fuel seems to be the source of 90% of the issues you run into, so it’s one place you don’t want to skimp.
These costs are starting to add up! But I guess that comes with any engine... Is there a fuel line kit you recommend? Or just general fuel tubing?
I’ve got two skis and a twin engine boat with these motors, so there are eight carbs between them all. I’ve done a LOT of carb work over the last few years, and made quite a few mistakes along the way. It makes life a whole lot easier if you just buy the whole OSD kits from the beginning and follow the carb rebuild sticky in the forum to the letter.

For fuel line, just use standard black fuel line from the auto parts store. You’ll need about 20ft to do the whole ski, so just buy a 25’ roll if you can.
I guess the last question is do you prefer a certain battery as these could very possibly need them... Just a general run of the mill battery from Walmart?
I’ve run Walmart batteries in my skis for the last two seasons, and they haven’t lasted long. On my 720 ski, I had to replace one of their AGM batteries halfway through the season last year, and it needs replacing again now. On my 96XP, I’ll get a full season out of them, but it tends to stay on the battery tender more than the other ski. Hopefully Miki will pop in here shortly, I believe he’s got a brand he was buying that he has had good luck with... I’m interested in opinions on batteries myself, as I need to get some in order here soon.
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