Music on your PWC

Parts Unknown, Kentucky
Ear buds probably isn’t the best idea since you can’t hear what is happening around you.
I understand your point. There's not much I hear at 40mph other than engine noise and wind. I wouldn't be able to hear anything smaller than a speed boat come up behind me. That's why I don't make a turn or maneuver without looking 360° first.

By comparison, when mowing I used to wear regular wired ear buds to listen to music. I had to have them at nearly full volume to hear them over the engine noise. Not good for my hearing. Then I bought a pair of Howard Leight Sync Stereo MP3 Earmuffs and a Bluetooth adapter. It blocks out most of the engine noise which allows me to enjoy my music at a greatly reduced volume. But I can still hear the mower and other noises that are loud enough to be heard over the mower noise.

That's what I'm hoping to accomplish on my PWC. Reduce ambient noise enough to be able to not have to listen to music at or near full volume. In my opinion, just about as safe as having a pontoon or ski boat loaded with speakers. Plus I'm not inflicting my musical preferences upon everyone else within 200 yds.

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