Multiple issues (related?)

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Hello everyone,
I'm a seasoned boater, but fairly new to the world of PWC's. I recently got a good deal on an '04 RXP. The day after I got it home the new battery was nearly completely discharged. I put it on the charger and noticed the TOPS valve energize as well as what sounds like the fuel pump kick on. These items cycle on and off about every 15 seconds or so without the lanyard key on the post. This will continue until it drains the battery and will continue if the engine runs and is shut off. This is my first issue.
Secondly, the VTS feature doesn't function. The trim indicator on the dash does not give a reading of the position and the servo doesn't move, click, or do anything to indicate that it's at all functioning. I've read the trouble code P1517 which is for a compass sensor which the craft is not equiped with anyway.
I've already checked every fuse and relay I can get to. From other posts in this forum it sounds like I'll most likely need to have the dealer reset the computer to delete the code and reactivate the VTS, but I haven't heard anyone with the problem of the TOPS solenoid and fuel pump staying energized without the key. If anyone has any insight to the problem and more importantly the solution, please let me know.
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