Impeller bearing noise?

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I had some cavitation so I pulled my pump and found the ring and prop pretty dinged up. It spins freely but it makes a little of a scraping noise when spinning. Is this normal? the machine has 55 hours on it and had a pump oil change about 10 hours ago. I'm going to change the impeller out so I will have a look inside the cone soon.

here is a vid

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Seadoo has pretty much always made noise when out of the water. Once in the water, the load of the impeller kills the noise. The fact that you have it out and apart, it can't hurt to replace it. If you do a search on YouTube you will find many asking about the "noise" when out of the water..
That's pretty much what I thought.... but now I got another guy telling me the sound is abnormal and probably needs a rebuild..... idk how that could be possible with only 55 hours and clean oil.

Any other thoughts?
Considering that you had the pump off the ski and it's still making noises (which this sounds like a bad bearing to me). I would take it apart and check the bearing. You'll need a press to put it back together.

You mention scrapping sounds....can you see if the impeller hits the wear ring at any point?
With looking in side the cone everything looks good and clean I will try to take a closer look at the bearings but idk how it could have a problem with only 55 hours. The impeller is out getting refurbed by impros now so I'll have to see if when I put it back together and see if it's any better. The prop had a bent blade but I don't think it was hitting the ring.
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