I need help with 2002 gtx


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I’ve got a 02 gtx it wouldn’t start when putting the key on. No beep nothing so after chasing wires texting testing testing I’ve discovered it will work but only after I disconnect battery then reconnect it. But once I remove the key then replace the key.. nothing happens until the battery is disconnected and reconnected again. Anyone had this problem?
what engine
I'm having a similar problem on my '04 GTX 4 Tec (1494 cc, non-SC) When the NEW programmed key gets really close to the DESS post the instrument panel flashes for a millisecond and then goes dead. No beep. After waiting 30 seconds or so it will do the same thing....
over and over.

Battery, post, key, and solenoid are all new. When I picked it up from the dealership after having a new key programmed it worked like a champ. The ski then sat unused for two weeks....and now this.

Amy advice is appreciated.