Help...GSX starts but won't stay running

My 1996 GSX 787 has had all new gas lines put in it new fuel selector and rebuilt the carburetor with OEM Mikuni Parts last season following the instructions exactly. Last year the unit was running perfectly when I winterized it. This year it didn't want to start so I fully rebuilt the carburetor again with Mikuni oem kit again. The unit starts up instantly now or land and in water but once it starts the RPM gauge fluctuates all over the place. And also dies when I try to give it gas of any kind. My compression tested both cylinders today and they are both around 145ish. I also took apart the electrical box right beside the battery and cleaned all the terminals today and it's still occurring. I tested the voltage at the battery when it is running and it was at about 14. My next step is to trim the spark plug wires. I ordered a new fuel selector and a new rectifier. Any other ideas?
Check to see if the check valves for the fuel tank are clogged. To check it you can ride with the gas cap a little loose.
I blew the lines out with an air compressor. And I adjusted the idle. It will stay idling but once you give it gas it does still die. The rpms still want to run away from me when I give it gas. I have idle set at 2k on land.
I changed the voltage regulator, clipped my coil wires, changed the fuel selector and the fuel filter assembly. Issue is still occurring. It starts instantly. But idle fluctuates all over the place. I adjusted the idle up to 3000 on land but dies on its own everytime and the idle is not consistent. The rpm gauge jumps all over the place. I pulled the carbs to go through them again tonight and noticed the starter was falling off. Maybe that's was contributing. Tomorrow I will go through the carbs again and test again. However I already did a full rebuild on them with oem Mikuni parts a few weeks ago. I have checked and exhaust is not collapsed on itself. Riding with gas cap lose didnt help.
I think the issue was one of low speed holes was clogged. I fixed issue rebuilding carb again. I cleaned it out the first time using carb cleaner and blew it out well but I didn't leave the low speed jet in when I did it the first time. When I put the low speed jet in at one turn on the threads and blew them out it clearly had a clog that I didn't realize.