GTX DI Wont Reach Max RPM

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Hi, the ski revs quickly to 6100 ish and then will slowly crawl to 6500. It will occasionally have a quick 200ish RPM drop and then slowly go back up. I am going to clean the filters tommorow, any thing else I should check?
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Battery is good, tssted rectifier at 5500, voltage went to 13.5ish volts from 12.5 so battery is good. Anything else I should check besides cleaning filters?
I would check your fuel pressure. After you change filters. How many hours are on the ski? You cant clean these filters and its cheap to grab them. Also if you havent already grab a new oil filter as well. Also what year di is this? When was the last time the injectors were serviced? These dis are finicky they need to be perfect to run perfect.

What do your plugs look like after a ride?
Check your rave valves, if they aren’t opening you won’t get above 6500rpm. Take off the black caps and see if the bellows are in decent order. I had a bellow pop off the black pice it seats on and had the exact same symptoms.
It's a 2000 GTX DI. 170 hours, I have no knowledge of previous mantience. I think it could be the raves, the gulitine valves where quite gunked up, however I noticed that after screwing on the black 10mm thing that screws into the gulitine valve one rave is noticeably harder to move up and down than the other. Water tested today reaches 6500 much quicker. Also I am running 87 octane, just found out I should be running 91, could this also be a problem?
Try running it without the rave caps and springs on so the valve is always open. It should bring the rpm to what it’s supposed to be and reduce low rpm smoothness if your rave valves are the problem.
I would just order a couple Rave valve rebuild kits since you don’t know of previous maintenance on the ski.
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