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Anybody make any reasonably priced fishing racks for the GTS.It's a 2015.I'm a newbe at jet ski fishing and ownership.
I would definitely take a look at Pinterest. Besides, there are allot of inexpensive options for you to make one from pvc pipe. If you’ve not spent a bit of time fishing You should before sinking serious money into custom rack Options. It’s nothing to make it to fit your favorite cooler, a small tank of gas if you burn quite a bit, a few rod holders and tool caddy by cutting a 3 or 4” in half long ways and putting whole caps on there then cut holes in the troth you just made to store whatever you need at hand. One thing some overlook is your back legs will be a bit longer than the front. Huge amount of options and opinions out there, besides... what person doesn’t appreciate and enjoy something they’ve created more than breaking the bank. For example...


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