About to embark on my first fishing trip on my 2024 Fish Pro Trophy


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I am getting ready to head out into the Atlantic out of Little River Inlet on the border of North and South Carolina for a day of offshore fishing in my new 2024 Fish Pro Trophy. Seas are supposed to be 3.5' at 8.5 seconds. I am hoping to get to a spot about 15 miles out to bottom fish for Black SeaBass. Fish and chips are hopefully on the menu tonight!

I am new to this and this will be my first time. If I get out past the jetty and it is too much for me to attempt to go 15 miles there is a reef within 3 miles I can head to. If all else fails I will do some inshore fishing.

I am equipped with a Garmin InReach, an EPIRB, a VHF radio, and a ditch bag just in case. I will be sending out my Garmin InReach follow-me mapping to my loved ones once I depart.

Wish me luck! I will report back tonight with pics and hopefully videos.
So I went out today about 17 miles and bottom-fished a couple of reefs. I didn't get a single bite. Other boats were out there complaining on the radio that they weren't catching anything. A guide captain spoke up on the radio and said that the cold front and storms from the previous day had mucked everything up

I left the boat ramp at sunrise. I had never launched a PWC before and didn't realize I would be getting wet feet to launch it. I was not prepared for that. I ended up wearing scuba boots all day with cold wet feet. 55 degrees F or 12.7 C is what the water temp was. The outside temp was 57 F or 13.9 C when I left and 67 F or 19.4 C when I got back. I also made a mistake and left my gloves and thermal ski mask in the foot well. Those were now wet. I wore wet gloves and didn't wear my thermal ski mask.

I learned a couple of things.

1. I must use fenders when docking. PWCs are much lower than a boat.
2. Reversing is not the same as a boat. It is backward.
3. You can go MUCH faster on a PWC than in a boat in the same wave conditions for the most part.

I had an amazing time. I am so glad that I just jumped right in and went for it. 17 miles offshore on my first trip out alone was pretty fun. I wasn't nervous. The seas were rougher than expected. 4 foot swells at about 8 seconds apart. I ran in Eco mode on the way out at about 30-31 MPH. I fished for a couple of hours and then headed back in. I ran in Sport mode on the way back in. I was doing about 41 MPH on the way back. Once I got back into the waterway I hit the 2-hour mark on the engine and I was able to go 56 MPH. I put a little over 2.5 hours on it today and went 57 miles total. I LOVE this and can't wait for warmer weather when the fish bite starts up.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any quality videos. I had a knock-off GoPro on my life vest but the mic got muted and I didn't notice it and it was very bouncy being attached to my life vest.

Can you folks give me some advice on mounting an action camera and how you are doing your filming?
I take it you are local to the little river/calabash area? I also fish out of the little river inlet with my fishpro trophy šŸ˜