Coolant for radiator? Speedster 150 2011

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My coolant is a little low and i need to top it off. Can i use the the 50/50 automotive stuff? I cant find specific marine antifreeze anywhere. Also what is the procedure for a drain and flush for the closed loop system? Thanks!
Yup, that's what I use. I see the guys at the marina putting in the AC delco coolant in to the merc blocks as well so you shouldn't have any worries.
I started a thread about this earlier this spring, it may be helpful to read.

Even though the manual says you are supposed to do a clean and flush every two years, I was told by some experts here in the forum that you don't need to go that far. I prescribe to doing a complete drain and refill every two years just to be on the safe side, even though it only gets used a few months per year. I suppose you could test it every year and go by that too. Anyway, it is very simple to drain and refill so I just do it every two years. Recently changed the coolant my first time this spring so if you need any advise let me know, I would be happy to help. It was very easy and just as described in the manual. Just as in a car, when you refill there will be some air in the system until the engine can run to operating temperature and the thermostat opens. I just took it for a few laps around the lake, stopped to check the reservour, it was low, toppped it back up and had no problems all summer.
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