99 GSX RFI burns too much oil!!!

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i have a 1999 gsx rfi sea doo... ran fine when i first bought it in december, the previous owners rarely used it since they had it.
i used it about twice every week for 3 months.. my maintance alarm has gone off, what can i do myself that the dealership would do?
recently when i take the ski out. it burns extremely rich (large amount of smoke) and vibrates until the ski is warmed up. when the ski is warmed up it runs normally? pulled the spark plugs, coated in dried oil
any ideas?
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Hi and welcome to the SeaDoo forum.

From your description probably what has happened the cable to the oil pump has broken or come loose. When this happens the oil pump goes to full open, which means your oil ratio is approx. 40:1 even at an idle. It's really a pretty good safe guard.

The oil pump on your ski is mounted to the front mag. cover.

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