97 Sportster Bilge Pump Not Working

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97 Sportster Bilge Pump not working when I turn switch on. I took multimeter to the male connector that provides power to the unit and got a reading of 0.8 volts with switch on. Turned switch off and meter read 0.4 volts. Does this mean my switch is working properly and getting correct voltage to the unit?

This is my first time using a multimeter... could use some help please.
the numbers you have posted above are pretty much worthless.

check your voltage across the battery first. you should hopefully have around 12 or so.

disconnect the plug that goes to your bilge pump. plug in your dss key, then turn on your bilge pump switch.

unplug your bilge pump. turn your voltmeter to d/c voltage. stick your probes from your voltmeter into the terminals in the plug that goes into the boat's wiring harness. you should then have around 12 volts.
I appreciate the response, however that is exactly what I did, I think... 12.56 volts accross the battery terminals and 0.8 with probes in the terminals that go direct to wiring harness. The bilge pump is rated for .8 volts draw, must be a coincidence? So you are saying there should be 12+\- volts going directly to the bilge pump regardless of what the bilge pump actually requires to run?
no...your bilge pump will draw 12+ volts or whatever your system can throw at it. dc motor....more volts simply means more rpm. you may have a pump that draws .8 AMPS, however.

As mentioned above, with your switch in the "on" position, you should be able to stick your meter probes in the plug and see around 12 volts there.
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