97 sportster

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    97 Sportster Bilge Pump Not Working

    97 Sportster Bilge Pump not working when I turn switch on. I took multimeter to the male connector that provides power to the unit and got a reading of 0.8 volts with switch on. Turned switch off and meter read 0.4 volts. Does this mean my switch is working properly and getting correct voltage...
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    97 Sportster remove head

    Hey there, do I need to replace the Orings/gasket if I remove the head cover off my 2-stroke engine? Yesterday I dropped a bolt down the cylinder while spark plugs were out... soo smart... I know... (bolt is 100% non-magnetic) I just replaced the Orings 3 yrs ago... Also, I can’t remember...
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    Shift Lever

    Has any one replaced the 2-lever system with a single lever from an outboard? My 97 Sportster (single engine) has broken shift lever. Thanks