580 Conversions, does anyone do them?

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The only difference between the older 580's are rotary valves, jets, and timing, right? Does anyone upgrade, for example, old SP motors to XP motors or anything like that?

Slightly more advanced question, 580s share the same crank case as....657s, right? Is it possible to replace be jugs and get more displacement easily?

Just curious :)
The "Yellow" 580's are completely different that the "White" 580's and parts don't interchange.

The 650 does not use the same crankcase.

The easiest is to just find a ski with a bigger engine.

If you really wanted to do a swap then the 720 is the largest that would easily go in but you would need all the electronics to go with the 720.
There are a few parts that interchange, for example, I'm running a yellow crank in a white engine and a white head on a yellow. But yes, I do get your point. It just seemed like a simple way to get a little more power for minimal work and funds
Not necessarily, just curious what people are doing/have done.

I was mainly looking at these two sites and noticing the similarities in engines and how easy (it seems) to convert lower power engines to higher power:
nothing easy about it.. well, relatively speaking. I've swapped a yellow 580 to a white 580, and i've swapped a white 580 ski to a 717. I have just a ton of parts laying around from parts skis, so it's relatively easy for me to do. But if you don thav ea pile of parts, or just a pretty decent knowledge about these things, then it can be a bit more painful.
I would double check that head for flow since the yellow and white use different coolant flow paths and the later white cranks have different crank pins that won't align with the yellow cases. So you can't always swap parts from white to yellow.
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