2nd season on my XP

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Hey guys. Going on my second season with my ‘96 XP. Bought it with a spec 2 pipe with the water injection, pro k arrestors, Solas X/O impeller. This year I put a ADA head on(175psi), buckshot rotary cover, buckshot 46 carbs, msd enchancer. TDR waterbox. Koso egt gauge and R&D 85/88 nozzles. Last year I could get 7250 rpms out of this thing but after all the add ins I cannot get much over 65-6600. My jetting is 105 high and 120 lows. Seems buckshots are reverse jetting. Pop off is 21psi. Water lines to the pipe were not jetted so I tapped the fittings and put 125 jet after the solenoid and the mid pipe as well. Mikuni fuel pump and a 80 jet in the return. Timing is +3 degrees and at 5000 it pulls back 10 to a max of 8000. It does have some oil leaking from the rave valves now so I need to address that but would that affect rpm that much?? I’ve read that the buckshots are a pain to tune. Seems rich from idle to 3/8 throttle then clears up. Plugs look acceptable and egts are about 1000-1036 max temp. Thinking of ditching the buckshots and putting the stock ones back on. Any ideas guys?? Thank a ton!!Image1594035094.661964.jpg
Your boat would love a nice set of novi 46's,,,,,,those bucket shots are impossible to tune.
The cure for my bucks came to me by an expensive ($600 US) accident,,,I had ordered novis on line,,,and they sold me the wrong ones,,I was so pissed,,,no PayPal back then,,,you know,,,money back into your account,,,there was no. accountability,,,however,,,I realized,,,that I could use the fuel rail from the novis and put them on the bucks,,,which are independent of each other,,,and the motor vibrating,,,makes it impossible to sync and tune,,,especially the bottom end and mid range,,,
So...if you can find (make/fabricate) a novi fuel rail,,,to join the 2 carbs,,,you will be golden.,,,just don't spend $600 on it,
My intake manifold is an R&D.
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