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2016 GTX 155 IBR Not Responding


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Albany, NY
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2006 RXT 215
2016 GTX 155
I picked up a 2016 GTX 155 ski that took on water in the engine bay. There was corrosion in the fuse box so I cleaned everything and replaced all the fuses. The engine is partially in with only wires connected to the computers, grounds and the IBR. My issue is that when I go on the screen and override the IBR to move it, it does not move and there is no sound from the motor. The fuses for it are not blown either. I can't install the engine fully in without pulling the shaft back to put into the engine. I can't pull it if I can't remove the IBR because it won't respond. Would not having the other sensors installed cause the IBR to not respond? Is there any way to manually move it to line up that one bolt to remove it? Is there a way to test the IBR motor? Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for the help, I completely rebuilt a 2006 rxt 215 but never ran into this issue because it has the manual controls.

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