2008 RXT 215 low oil pressure - PTO housing issues - Thoughts required

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OK, so low oil pressure at tick over 25 psi was the reading, on reading many posts i 1st suspected the oil pressure regulator valve was the issue.
On inspection the oil filter had many metal particles, so engine out and 1st call was to remove the PTO housing, the strainer filter had some large chunks of metal so i thought it was total destruction of a bushing main bearings.

Total strip down and all the bushings are good, not too much wear at all, so where did the metal come from i'm thinking to myself....

next i feel that the oil pressure pump has some resistance so i strip that apart and yes the metal parts had been forced through the pump and created a serious amount of damage.

My question is, The PTO housing also took damage, how bad will this amount of damage affect the oil pressure?
obviously i am needing new oil pump and cover ETC, but could i get away with the housing???

1st photo is the main bushing and balance shaft bushing, all other bushings show approx the same even amount of wear.
2nd photo is the PTO housing damage - my main question
3rd photo is the oil pump cover - which i would replace
4th, 5th and 6th are the oil pump - which also i will replace
and 7th photo are most of the fragments of metal that were located in the strainer filter. Still a mystery as to where these fragments have come from, any thoughts regards this would be great as i have yet to find any area in the entire motor that is saying it was me that broke. completely stumped.com

Thanks again in advance


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How many hours were on the ski?

Most of the metal fragments are from the flywheel. Every time you start it the bendix slams into the flywheel it creates metal slivers which most will get caught in the oil filter and is completely normal.

Your oil pump has some scoring and worse than most but I'd expect it to still work well and also is normal to have some scoring. Even with the scoring, the oil pumps usually still work very well. I'm guessing your oil pressure regulator was the reason for the low oil pressure.

At this point, you should replace everything and make it like new since it's all apart.
You can have the PTO cover machined. I gey it done all the time.

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