2006 RXT - Drive shaft bearing/seal replacement at 180 hours ?


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2006 RXT
I have a 2006 RXT with 179 hours on it. It has been run entirely in the cool waters of Lake Tahoe only. ( the oil changed approx. every 20 hours use)
I pulled the pump and drive shaft for inspection and found everything looks great ( I repacked the pump bearing grease and checked for play )

Question, (1) if the drive shaft bearing at the bellows boot feels smooth and the seal was good is there any reason to replace it ? ( $140 - Part# 420832648 )

(2) If the Carbon seal was working fine and looks great - is there any reason to replace that as well ? ( the boot has no cracks and isn't dried out )

In other words - does 180 hours use dictate spending $300+ in parts - if everything looks and feels good ?
The drive shaft bearing / seal at the PTO side is a critical component - but what is normal life expectancy for it ?

Thanks Mucho

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