2005 Sea Doo GTX 4 TEC Steering Cable Lock installation

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I am replacing the cable lock on the steering cable.

I have it ready reassemble and I am not sure the order of the parts to be re-assembled.

Parts are:
1. rubber grommet
2. 2 Half Ring's
3. Lock Nut

Choices are :
1. #1, #2, then #3
2. #2, #1, then #3

The parts diagram does not lead to an obvious order of it.
I'm struggling with the same issue at the moment. This video shows the order as 2, 3, 1, but to me when I reassemble on the old cable 2, 1, 3 seems to be the most water tight approach. The "rubber grommet" also referred to as the "large boot" (or "terminal wiper" on your model) is stepped and the smaller diameter fits through the center of the lock nut, while the locknut stops the wider part of the "large boot in place against the half rings, which go right against the O-ring.
i called the Jet ski store and they told me 1,2,3 like the drawing shows. installed tested verified to not leak
So does "rubber grommet" in this case refer to the O-ring? If so, that makes sense to me. Also, if that's the case then what I'm struggling with is the order of the "large boot" as it's called in my parts diagram (2006 GTI SE). For one it's listed (45), but not shown. In putting the parts back together on the old cable it seems the order from inside hull to outside should be: rubber washer (46), half rings (47), large boot (45), and steering cable lock (48).
For that machine rubber grommet is the rubber washer piece 46.
On that machine the large boot comes with the steering cable and I dont believe its part of the assembly process for replacing the steering lock nut.
So you're saying that the large boot (45) is removed during installation? I can show some pics of piecing it together step by step and it looks right to me, but the 3 deep video shows the large boot (all be it on a different ski, but I believe same purpose) being added last, which I believe is wrong because then nothing holds that boot in place and it's effectively useless. When removing my original cable the large boot was on there, just wish I had taken a picture before removing...
1) Install o-ring (46)

2) install half ring (47)

3) Install other half-ring (47)


4) Install large boot (45)


5) Install cable lock (48)


Just another view of the complete assembly showing the small end of the large boot coming through the cable lock (sorry for the poor quality)

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I found an old picture of my install prior to replacing the steering cable. It looks like the large boot (45) goes on after/outside the cable lock (48)...
Looking at this design for the steering cable lock nut assembly. I can see from the rusted areas on the old cable that the O-ring does a good job of keeping water out. The only rusted areas of the cable are the exposed part inside the hull and outside the O-ring to the edge of the cable lock. What I'm wondering is why the half rings need to exist as half pieces? Why not just an insert the same size/shape of the two half rings combined?
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