2005 RXP Pump Wear Ring Screws

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So I have an issue with cavitation upon acceleration. Seems to get fixed when I replace my wear ring for maybe one run then back to garbage again. I've used oem and aftermarket with the same problem. I just removed my pump and noticed the wear ring was loose and I could pull it out by hand. On my 2005 gtx wake it has two set screws that go through the plastic pump housing to hold the wear ring. The RXP metal pump housing does not. Attached is what the service manual says but it is vague. I was thinking of drilling holes into the metal pump and adding set screws. Has anyone done this before? Any advice would be great.


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I have 2 2005 RXPs and there is not a screw for them. If yours are loose then you have the wrong wear ring. I replaced mine with a stainless steel wear ring over the winter and put a new stainless solas prop. Wow what a difference. And yes the pic is right on how to put one in. Easiest way is to place the wear ring in freezer for several hours to as cold as possible. Then place pump in the sun or heat with a heat gun. Then just hammer it in rotating the 2x4 to various places on the ring until it seats.
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put wear ring in the freezer, put pump in the sun. shouldn't be loose after the temps equalize
Well I know how to install wear rings amongst other mechanical things just to clear things up. My latest venture was the same result except I bought a brand new prop and wear ring. Seemed to work "better" for the first 30 minutes but then back to heavy cavitation. This is the first time I actually replaced the prop with my wear ring but it was the same false hope as always when I replace just the wear ring. Works for the first run temporarily. My 05 seadoo wake (same motor no supercharger) still kills me off the line. Whats the next step you think? The pump bearing is real solid and I always pack the grease upon new wear ring...
Does the wear ring show any damage after it has ran for the 30 minutes? Have you made sure the engine is in alignment with the shaft to the prop? If not aligned it can cause the shaft to wobble creating an issue. Is it the grate damaged?
Wear ring has minimal wear. My other ski has much more wear and runs with no problems. There is no grate damage. How would I make sure the engine is aligned with the pump? I didnt have any issues or struggles when I put the pump back in and getting the shaft into the prop.
There is an engine alignment tool you can purchase or take the ski to a dealer for the alignment. Alignment is done with spacers on the engine mounts. Have you checked the bearings in the pump?
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