2004 Islandia ran out of gas, now won't start

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Ran out of gas at the marina. Filled it up an boat wont start. I was having no issues prior to running out of gas. I removed the fuel filter to see if there was any sediment and there was not. Did I cook the the fuel pump? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
with a 2004.... I'm assuming this a Mercury boat.

Running the high pressure pump dry is never good... but it shouldn't kill it. There is a lift pump in your engine that may be bad... but you wouldn't have known as long as there was fuel in the bowl to get it started. So... check that your lift pump is pumping while cranking.
Place a catch can under the vst.
Carefully remove the drain screw on the side, bottom of the vst. Turn key to run. Get any gas running out of drain? Do you hear the lift pump thump thump? Can you feel the vst pump running?

If both pumps run (lift pump only runs a few seconds), can you measure the injector line pressure? Should be 36psi.
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