2004 GTX 4-Tec adding solar or battery, 12v, USB, etc

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With my 2004 GTX's, I'd like to add power. Now, with that said, I mean electrical power to perhaps blow up floats by 12v outlet, charge a phone by USB, or things like that, nothing major, but I imagine an air inflator uses some decent current.

1. Can I just hook up a 12v Power Inverter that has clamps to the Seadoo's battery terminals and turn it on when needed? I don't want to risk killing the battery, and without an alternator, I wasn't sure if this is safe. I was thinking of using a 750-1,000 watt inverter.

2. Or should I use a solar system, connected to a 2nd smaller battery, then use the similar system? I figure inflating a couple floats wouldn't chew up a battery that quick, and the solar charger could recharge it slowly.

3. Or I just leave it alone and use a solar charger / bank for phone charging via USB, and get a battery powered inflator and stop being greedy LOL
Due to the complexity of the first 2 options, I definitely say go for the power bank and battery powered pump. You would probably be taking up less space in your storage compartment too.
Oddly, I just learned Walmart sells these USB phone charger hookup for direct battery kit. Comes with the connectors, in line fuse and USB power stick that has a quick disconnect for $14. Not too bad!
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