2001 Utopia 185 w/200 Optimax broken tines need replacement

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We have a 2001 Utopia 200 Optimax and the tines need to be replaced. I have a couple of questions...
Can this be replaced from underneath the boat? Is it just the 2 bolts pictured holding it together?
Is this also considered the rock grate and lastly does anyone have a part number for replacement?
I believe this is the hydrosurge movable grate which I've read is the worst! Looking for a reliable replacement and hoping this is something I can do myself.
Thanks for any input.


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Yes, it can be done from under the boat... but there are 4 bolts you need to remove. I can see the 4 in you pic!

Please be careful removing them as they regularly break off... then you have to drill them out.
If there is a lot of weeds in your area, then I would try to find a hydro-surge (weed) grate! If there’s not a lot of weeds in your area, then I would go for a fixed intake grate... there are 2 different ones. I think one has 5-6 tines... or of you are in shallow water where you could pick up pebbles/stones then they have another one called the Rock Grate... it has 11 tines with smaller gaps between to stop smaller debris. But the down side of the Rock grate (I have one), is that it gets clogged up with weeds fairly easily! So choose your grate based on the type of water you drive in!
Thank you henryb! We're mostly on the Delaware River, not much weeds but a LOT of junk and debris.
So if I can find a 6 tine that fits and can remove the 4 bolts it's just a matter of removing the old and bolting on the replacement?
We've had to have wood removed that was jammed in and the last time it was plastic. Friday we sucked up something else...should've been replaced awhile ago.
Thanks for your input
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New Mercury V6 Sport Jet Intake Grate/grille 852962t

Is this the correct part?


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