2001 GTX RFI Issue

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Been having an ongoing issue with my Seadoo. It will run for a few hours, or in some cases even multiple days, with no issues. And then without cause it seems to just bog down and will not accelerate. It will idle fine but when you get on the throttle it either bogs down or slowly revs without accelerating. After replacing the spark plugs, it will run fine for another couple hours and then do the same thing. The mechanic said it was an oil pump issue so we had that replaced and again new plugs put in it, but the same issue is happening. Any ideas or input? Thanks
I would replace the in tank fuel filters.
Are you getting andy maintenance lights or low voltage warnings?
The voltage regulators are really common to go out on these and cause a lot of strange running issues.
The voltage regulators are really common to go out on these and cause a lot of strange running issues.
Just tested voltage at the battery. It was 12.2 with the ski off and when revved up to 3000rpm it went to 13.25, is that normal?
Update: just put in the lake without changing plugs or adjusting anything on the ski and it runs fine...
Its gonna do it again if you didn't resolve the problem. I'm with Miki, replace the filters. I'd also check the fuel pressure and being me.... send out the fuel injectors. Eliminate that stuff.

I'm wondering why it could be an oil pump issue. You could still have a problem with the rectifier. They are cheap and pretty easy to replace. LIke Miki said.... lots of strange issues caused by them.
So I’ve taken apart the whole fuel pump assembly and decided it definitely needs new filters and gonna replace the pump while I’m there. Do I need to replace a gasket at the bottom of that canister where the filters are?
I never do because I never have a gasket and I have not put any sealant in the joint either. I don't see a gasket in the parts list. Some of the filter packages come with the large black gasket at the top. I have not replaced that one either. Good Luck.
Brought the ski out today after replacing fuel pump and both fuel filters and it still did the same thing. Ran fine for a little and then it bogs down after about an hour or so. If it were a rectifier issue wouldn’t the battery be dying too?
Is your high temperature warning working? Could be getting hot if the water isn't flowing. What RPM is it bogging down ? Is it idling?
It will idle around. Sounds like it will rev up and occasionally tries to go. Wasn’t paying attention to RPMs when it happened
On a fuel injected ski I would not go to pre mix. The injectors are just not set up for it. I'm an old two stroke motorcycle guy so premixing is in my blood but I just converted my premix ski back to oil injection. :) It was an opportunity as I am replacing the engine. Premix won't solve any problems with how the engine runs so I don't see a reason to do it other than the owner prefers it. No qualms about premix from me, do or don't your choice and no comment. :) Good Luck with the ski !
Did you check the fuel pressure? Also get the manual out and pull Connector #4 and take readings on the PINs. I recently had a bad Air Pressure Sensor that I replaced with a spare. The engine still has issues but is reads correctly and runs a little better. :) This engine I'm working on it toast though, I can't remove the bolts without breaking them and I want to replace the injectors to see if that changes things. Gonna take a half miracle to get this done. Good Luck with yours. Keep posting up. We all learn for one another's adventures.
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