2001 GTX 951 DI air throttle circuit


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Hi, having an issue with my 2001 GTX 951 DI ski. Was running great than suddenly will only run a little off idle and maintenance message came on. I do have a CanDoo Pro and got the code P1101 - PTO air throttle circuit. This is what I have done: first checked all connectors and pins with no issue. Looked over the harness and did not see an issue. Did a continuity check between the air throttle connectors and the MPEM connectors. Continuity is good, ohms checked out perfect and same for both pto and mag circuits. Tried moving the harness back and forth with no change in ohms. Tried a spare air injector on pto side without success. Swapped the mag and pto air injectors and the issue stayed on the pto side.(I cleared the codes between tries and the maintenance light and perf issue comes back within 1-2 minutes…while idling through the no wake zone at the launch). Next I went through and re-verified all connectors were good. Hit all with contact cleaner and dielectric grease with no success. Last thought was maybe the MPEM was faulty. So I have one from another 2001 DI. Installed it, reset throttle, and tried it. Ski ran great for about 1 mile…then back to same issues. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated! There was a thread in this forum I read before with same issue, but cannot find it again, but also never stated resolution. Sorry for the novel…but wanted to lay out what I have done so far.
Did you check your fuel pressures? If you have not done it previously it might be time to replace the filters on the fuel canister. First, check the fuel pump pressure with key insertion, then check pressure with the engine running. Make sure the air lines re connected to the rave solenoid. Looks like you've checked all of the electrical issues so move onto fuel delivery. Those O-Rings for the air and fuel connectors can leak. Hopefully that is your problem. Good Luck !!

I have the contact information on where to purchase connectors to test the fuel pressures and it is in a post on this forum. I may be able to find it in my mailbox. These connectors allowed me to pressure up the system and get skis to run properly. Worse case is your compressor might need rebuilding.