2000 Seadoo GTX 951 Rave Solenoid Check Valve


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Checking all of my check valves and the hose from front of rave solenoid ties into fuel tank check valve up front. The rear hose goes to a metal check above the impeller. I could blow through it both ways. Is this normal or should it be one way also?96f6192fec7e3e382c85b32254425b06.jpg
Are you having trouble with the raves or just testing? I was messing with a rave solenoid a few months back and was having the same questions you do. I have 3 of those valves and the ones I checked I could blow through. I guess that line going overboard is a discharge line which may close during activation and pressure up the rave system to open the valves. Sounds logical so I think you're OK. :D
I think it’s normal for that one to be able to blow air both ways. It’s called an atmospheric valve or something like that. I found several posts on different forums. I looked over the service manual
And couldn’t find any info on it. I could locate it on a parts diagram. I was just checking all the fuel check valves and saw that one.