2000 GTX RFI Maint light

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Took my ski out for the first time this year. Fired right up, ran great. Came back in for a minute, then headed out again. This time got MAINT on the info gauge along with a blinking red light when i put the key in. Promptly disappears after several seconds. Ski ran great all day, plugs look great, no noticeable issues whatsoever. What could this be, where should I start?
Check your oil level in the ski. Are you getting any beeps? I'd suggest a Candoo Programmer or other diagnostic system.
The ski has plenty of oil. Anything else i can check? RFI platform is new to me but i did a lot of maintenance end of last year (rave valves, pump oil, oil filter, i think some other things as well) as i said it ran great all day. There were no beeps. Just the visual indication at startup then would go right away till the next time i'd start it up. Not familiar with programming but would like to avoid the dealer if at all possible.
Is there a way to clear the code without the software? (Assuming nothing is wrong with it) dealer wanted $50 to plug it in, not the end of the world i guess but if there's anything i can try in the meantime i'd like to give it a shot
$50 is cheap, hopefully they know how to use the program to it's fullest. I just hookedup to a 2014 Spark and I don't know crap about the Candoo. ha ha... I muddle through. In order to erase the maintenance code I had to write in a new date and save it.
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