2000 GTX Millenium Edition

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Hello guys, I’m new to the jet ski world. I bought a 2000 GTX Millenium edition today and took it out on the water and started riding it. Started to bog out and died on me, started it back up and gave it slow throttle and then got on it and it went with no issues. Then on the way back to the trailer it kept bogging out on me. Previous owner didn’t know much about it. Has 240 hours on it. Can it just be old gas? Any help would be appreciated.


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You need to go through your fuel system and replace any grey lines with black standard automotive fuel line, replace the fuel selector and water separator O-ring, and rebuild the carbs with GENUINE Mikuni parts. Go through the carb rebuild sticky at the top of the forum and follow it to the letter.
Nice ski !! Pretty typical of a ski that has not been run in a while if that is the case. Are the Spark Plugs new. Do a compression check and all the preventive maintenace stuff. Give it some love it might treat you right. :) A few people in my area love Seafoam. I've never really used it as I go through the carbs immediately on all the skis..... as Jeremy suggests. :) Only way to be sure. Good Luck man !
Thanks for the reply guys, I fixed the issue with new spark plugs, I now have a bigger issue, my engine bay is getting a good 1-2 inches of water inside for some reason, I cannot see where the water is coming from, when I take the jet ski out the water and put it on the trailer and open the drain plugs, a lot of water comes out, open up the seat and you can see a crap ton of water in there, there is no holes or anything, hull is not damaged, I took out the spark plugs and turned over the motor and no water is coming out which means motor is not flooding
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