2000 GTI issues

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Hey everyone,

First time poster here, hoping I can to the right place for some help. I recently inherited (2) 2000 GTI's that had been in the family for years. So here is the backstory -

  1. Both skis hadnt been started in 5/6 years
  2. Both skis worked when winterized and put away
  3. Both skis sat outside, but under a covered carport
Fast forward to last week -
Ski #1 - drained fuel, drained oil, installed new battery, turned engine over with plug removed, replaced plugs with new ones, added fuel & oil. Ski fired up after a little cranking (in water). Took it on a test drive, ran good and was able to open it up full throttle with no issues. I slowed down to turn around and when I went to accelerate, the ski would go bog down real bad, but never did die. When I would let off the throttle, the ski held at perfect idle. Assume this is a gummed up carb issue, but curious if there is anything else to check? Also, how hard is it to clean the carbs? (fuel valve fully turned on)

Ski #2 - drained fuel, drained oil, installed new battery, attempted to crank ski with plugs removed, and got nothing when I pressed the start button, no beep or red light. I went back to inspect the battery and confirm everything was connected correctly, it was. I started looking around the batter and noticed a plastic box (w/seal) directly in front of the bar tray. The top of this box was loose and i was able to pull out the electrical connection - not sure the correct name for that part, but it appears to be the ignition or something along those line. Anyhow, when I pulled that part out, the terminals on the bottom were completely rusted - assume that is why I am not getting any crank? Before I go throwing parts at this thing, looking for some input. What is that part called? Can they be salvaged? How much do they cost to replace? Etc.

Thanks in advance!
I would REPLACE every fuse in the ski before I went throwing parts at it. A fuse can look good and not be. Also a multimeter and a service manual are good tools to have
Appreciate it. That is starting point - where are the fuses located on these? Is it up front? Also, any idea what that box is a was referencing? I should have taken a picture of it
Both are the 717 engine. I will check fuses when I get back to the skis.

As for the presumed carb issue, do you know if there is any i can run through it to try and clean it out?
It is not recommended to run any thing through the carbs, take them off and rebuild them with genuine mikuni carb kits or if they look ok you might get away with a good cleaning but if you can afford it then definently get a rebuild kit.
No, you can't add anything and the carbs don't just "clean out". They have to be taken apart and serviced correctly with only Genuine Mikuni parts.
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