FOR SALE 1997 Speedster - Seats and trim pieces needed


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I just purchased a 97 Speedster, and the seats are trash. I'm looking for all 5 seats, if anyone has some for sale. I am in Georgia, and willing to either make a short road trip or pay for shipping. I also need some of the trim pieces in the cockpit area, specifically the area where the choke cable are located. I'm also looking for cup holders and storage doors, since the hinges have disintegrated due to age and sun exposure. Thanks in advance.
Hi I'm in Warner Robins and have 95 sportster. when you say seats do you mean the coverings or the whole seat assembly ? I did a post the other day on putting new covers on my seats with pictures check it out. What city are you in ?
I live in Dallas and work closer to Columbus, but I don't mind making a trip your way.
The vinyl and foam are both shot on my seats. I found new covers, but still need foam. There is pretty much no usable foam left on most of these seats, so I am open to just buying used seats with decent foam, and then recovering them with new vinyl.
I saw that site. Unfortunately he makes seats for 1998-2003, and the seats changed between 97 and 98. I really appreciate the help. I did find where I can get new foam, but I'm not skilled in shaping it properly. I found the vinyl set for a decent price; probably the same place where you got yours.
I just bought a set of seats for my 98 Speedster. All brand new foam and material for all seats, including the front seat, and extra material to cover all the armrests. They were very reasonable seeing that it’s all brand new foam and brand new material. It’s impossible to remove the material from the stock seats without destroying them so I went with all brand new stuff. Got it from this site...