1996 Sportster Shift Lockout Question

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Toronto Dave

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I have a 96 Sportster and it will allow shifting at any throttle position including wide open. I believe it should only work at Idle? I have made a cursory inspection and the throttle\shift mechanism seems to be simple with no external lockout unless it is missing? The part diagrams I have found do not seem to show any Lockout components. Can someone explain how the Lockout works if it does exist?

Thanks JTS32. I am not sure this is the adjustment I need but then again maybe it is. The issue is I can shift regardless of the throttle position i.e. at full throttle you can shift from forward to neutral or reverse. That may be a design intent but I would assume it would be very hard on the reverse bucket etc. and there should be a lockout. The neutral electrical switch to prevent starting works correctly. The boat was used and inop when I got it but had had some creative things done to it. but run well now other than this.
You shouldn't be able to shift from neutral unless the throttle lever is at idle. Hopefully it's as simple as adjusting the shifter lock set screw
JTS32 I tried the adjustment and it does not change the function in any way. I can still shift regardless of the throttle position. I am now wondering if in it's former life someone removed the Lockout. I may go all out and dismantle it completely to see what is in it but I have been unable to find a detailed exploded diagram. The manual I have just shows it as a complete assembly.
Yeah, I got curious about how each set screw changed operation, so I pulled the controls on my Challenger. The Challenger controls have the VTS lever, so a little different than the Sportster but should have the same throttle/shift safety function. I messed with every set screw, but no matter how I changed adjustments, I was never able to replicate your issue. I was never able to shift from neutral unless the throttle was at idle. I'm not sure what to have you look for at this point.
I am really beginning to think someone previously removed some of the lockout mechanism. I did find an exploded diagram and there are 3 possibly related parts. I think anyone of them alone would cause this if removed. I may wait till the fall before pulling it apart.
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