1995 Sporter Nothing

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My 1995 sportster does absolutely nothing. I have power to the 5 amp fuse and it's ok.
If I jump the solenoid it will crank over. I'm not looking to put in a ton of money.
Worse comes to worse, I'll bypass the bs and run a wire to the key,starer button?


If youve already narrowed it down to the solenoid, why dont you just replace it? they run something like $25. Thats a pretty cheap fix.
No No No The solenoid is good, but something after the 5 amp fuse is bad? I turn the key and get nothing, I push the starter button nothing? The horn blows and fan works fine.... I'm thinking that the certicate should go to the key and then then neutral safety switch, then the lanyard?
Do you get the beeps if you try to start it when its not in neutral? It beeps 4 times to let you know its not in neutral. If it does beep it means your neutral safety switch is working if it does not beep it could mean its bad or that a connection is bad somewhere else in the circuit. Id probably start there. You can also pull the storage bucket out from under the hood and see the connections to the key, lanyard post, and start button. Try pulling off each connector and cleaning it. Might just be a dirty connector somewhere.

And as a side question: your 95 sportster has a factory horn?
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