1995 Seadoo SP 587 impeller suggestions

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Hi guys. Maybe you guys could help me with an impeller selection. My ski is a 1995 Seadoo sp 587 motor. It is stock but .50 mm o/s. The manual calls for an 18.8 pitch aluminum impeller. I am looking at an Adonis 13/19 pitch or a Solas 13/18 pitch Stainless. Both are the same price, come with a wear ring and impeller tool. I am just not sure on the pitch. I am not really concerned about performance this Ski was never a world beater it tops out at about 40mph.I just use it to tool around the bay when I am not on the boat and want the best one for this ski. I don't have a tach so I won't really know the RPMs, which is the reason I want as close to stock as possible. Thank you guys for all your suggestions in the passed
Hopefully this helps. If you find an OEM number of another 587 SP look for it on ebay, even with a few dings you can find a good deal that can be cleaned up and work fine. Remember that 587 was used in the smaller hull and the three person GT type hull so only look at the SP models.
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Thanks. My OEM # is 271000016 seems to be big difference in pitch. I have bee looking on eBay also.
You can’t use pitch numbers to compare different brands as each manufacturer measures them differently it’s always apples to oranges, you just have to use their charts.

You can also check with Westside Powersports Seadoo he has lots of good guaranteed used impellers.
Got it. That was confusing me why 2 different companies were recommending 2 different pitches. I figured they must have this down to a science, but I was confused. Are Adonis and Solas both good impellers?
Thank you for your input. You have helped me in the past, and I value your opinion
Thanks again
Very true on the manufacturers pitch measurements. The easiest and least expensive approach in your situation is to go with a known impeller Sea-Doo used in a similar machine. Things can get expensive fast if you have to buy more than one to dial things in, the engineers have already done that for you.
I had a 96 SP that badly needed a new impeller and wear ring. I found a new stainless steel Solas SD85 on ebay that the store selling it did not know much about. It was discontinued but I did some research and found it was for Seadoos and it was fixed pitch 18.5 degrees. I put it on with an aftermarket wear ring and neoprene seal and the ski ran great. I thought the Solas quality was very good. If I remember correctly I had to buy a different impeller boot for the drive shaft because the original boot did not seat properly in the Solas impeller. If you are calling dealers that sell Solas you might want to check if they have some old stock.
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