1995 Seadoo Spi 587


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I recently bought a 1995 seadoo spi. Ever since i bought it i’ve had problems where the ski would die out or wouldn’t go over quarter throttle but at time would want to go but would cut it down again. i suspected a fueling issue so i pulled the tank out and all the lines and the carb and inspected it all. i found that the internal filter in the carb was completely full of gunk and trash. just today i cleaned it with brake cleaner and compressed air and put it back in and put the carb back together as well as ran all new fuel lines and put brand new gas and oil mixture in it. when i tested the carb 2 weeks ago it was pulling about 5 in hg at the fuel line that goes to the fuel filter. now after doing all of this it is only pulling .2 in hg and its not producing enough vacuum to pull fuel through the system so it won’t start. i used a vacuum guage on the carb and with all ports blocked off and the vacuum gauge on the inlet port it held a vacuum in the carb so i know the diaphragm is good. not sure what else to do at this point
Is there
any liquid in the pulse line chamber? If there is any liquid in the it will diminish the pumping capacity.
A few things I can think of are 1. Take the fuel line that runs from the filter to the carb inlet, take the end of off the fuel filter and attach it directly to the top of the RES or ON fitting on the top of the fuel tank to eliminate the fuel selector valve and fuel filter from the equation. If it runs good then one of those is your problem, if it still doesn’t run right then most likely your carburetors. Ad a note, I’ve had machines where pop off is correct, holds 8 pounds after all together, fuel pump held 4 pounds and it still didn’t run right till I rebuilt the carburetors with OSD back to OEM kits. Never had it happen to me, but I read that regulator/rectifiers can cause a lot of issues. Have a volt meter on the battery and rev the machine to about 5000 rpm and see what voltage is. What’s your compression by the way? Best of luck getting it going