1994 spx top end rebuild- caged bearing help

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Does anyone know where I can get a 24mm OD cages bearing for my 94 SPX. I ordered some for my year and they sent me 25mm od. After some googling I found out the con rods have different ids due to Seadoo making changes through out production. Any help is always appreciated.
That's an old ski. Do you think someone might have swapped engines at some point?? I checked and that should be a 657 engine in there. I wonder if they use the same parts at the 657X? Hmmmm....
It’s possible maybe, do you know of any way to tell? If I could get the dimensions for the bearing off websites I’d be in the money but nobody put that’s info, just part number.
I know very little about its past life. I bought it on an impulse. It ran but bogged down, started doing my research. Changed out the grey fuel lines. A friend talked me into doing pre-mix which I regret. After the line swap I rebuilt the carbs. It fired right up and ran pretty good, when I idled back to the dock it wouldn’t start ( fouled plugs) I did that song and dance a few times. Then the last time I took it out I almost sank it :|. I the through hull connection basically disintegrated. So in the process of putting the aluminum through hul fitting in I decided to pull the engine and go through the top end. It also gave me access to clean the inside and get all the bolts out that have been dropped in it.
Well I got the correct bearings in today. WSM BEARING 010-121, This YouTube video put me on the right path.
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