07 GTX Missing a washer on supercharger.

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I have a 07 GTX ltd. I noticed the ski would only rev to 6400 rpm at about 55 mph or so. It is mostly ridden by my mother. saying this she rides very slow about 40 at the most. Im not sure how long it has been missing the washer. It has 58 hrs on it. I purchased it 3 months ago with 45 hrs on it and it ran just fine. upper 60's fast and smooth. I have purchased the SC rebuild kit from SBT. I know now there is a problem with these washers but its a little too late. :banghead I guess my question is what now? I know I need to pull the oil pump front and rear. change filter and oil but do i have to pull the motor out? That I'm not looking forward to.
Wow! There seems to be alot of this same issue of late. Here's the lowdown ...

There's pieces of washer circulating around your engine oil system. You can get lucky and have the screen from either oil pump pick them up, or have the oil filter collect them aswell. This is the best case scenario ... ie pulling mag cover off and checking the oil screen in magneto cover, then same from the secondary (front) oil pump. Pull it off and check the screen.

Worst case scenario is my situation where I found a piece of the washer lodged on the Thrust Washer (in crankcase) this tore up the thrust washer and tore up my lower case. Basically I had to scrap the case and get a replacement.

Brutal to hear I know ...
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