06 RXP no start ECM issue ?

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replaced motor in a 2006 Rxp - when key is attached to post i here fuel pump cycle and engine will turn over but will not start - i have no power to cluster and no tops click - thinking ecm is fried but am 4 hours from dealer , any thoughts before i make the trip ? all grounds are attached properly and i rechecked wires and pins in ecm connectors -
What motor did you replace it with? There are differences between motors that need to be adjusted for it to run. Did you change ECU or cluster?

No TOPS clicks on an 06. It has the newer system.
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replaced with a 215 block and head - had to install head onto block - did not change ecu or cluster - they both operated properly before rod went threw block - timing marks lined up properly
Your old ski may have had the old style crank and you just replaced with the new style.

At what position is the pickup on the coil on the pto housing?
wire from housing is at about 7 oclock - all three plug have spark - sounds and smells like it fires but wont catch
Pour a little fuel down each plug and try start
If it runs for a few seconds then check fuel pump pressure and injectors
You can point injectors into the fresh air away from electrics and sparks and see your getting fuel out each injector
The 12 o'clock position is the old style crank, meaning 06 and older. If you put an 07 crank in it, it will never start because the pickup coil signal is way out of position.

You are going to need to pull the motor, take pto cover off, remove flywheel cup and drill a new hole in the cup with it shifted 2 bolt holes. Do a search on this and you will find where I explained how to do this several times.

btw, cross referencing block number is worthless. They did mid year changes and had left over blocks that they put in boats the following year. Only way to know for sure is to know what you are looking for.
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thinking about the head - im not sure what year it is from - maybe cause of low compression - what do i need to look for to beable to tell i have correct one installed ?
You have to be careful mixing up heads. There was a change to the oil path system in 2006ish and you can't mix rocker arm shafts between the 2 types. If your block had the oil jet in the top then it is the old system. Do some research on previous posts to find the difference in the heads.

But the wrong head won't make it have low compression. How low was your compression readings?
80 0n #1 and 0 on # 2 - did not bother doing # 3 -
the head i purchased was complete
ill pull engine and start looking at what i have incorrect -
will update when i get some proper info
Indexing is the easiest. All it really is drilling a hole but changing the pto cover will also work. Check on other forums that reference a color and a super hero...lol
With a 0 compression I'm guessing the timing is off.

Are you sure you had the crank locked in the proper position? You can look through the locking hole and see the hole in the crank lobe. You also have to have the camshaft in the locked position.
The crank locking tool will tighten down in the wrong position so you should look through the hole to verify.

Also, you do know that the #3 cylinder is the one at the front of the engine, correct?
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